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AltScore is a Credit Score that is based on Alternative-Finance's proprietary scoring model and may not be the same score used by third parties in certain instances to determine your creditworthiness. The provision of this score to you is intended for your information. Third Parties may take into consideration other information when evaluating your creditworthiness.
The security of your information is important to us. Alternative-Finance has implemented all necessary security measures to meet industry standards.
Alt Score is derived from Alternative-Finance Model.
It is important to know and understand your credit score. It helps to take control of one’s financial life. Credit Scores are also used by financial institutions to evaluate risk for lending purpose.
Your Alt Score is an overview of your credit health within the Alternative-Finance Model at a specific point in time, which may change from day to day. However, Alternative-Finance updates your score approximately every three months.
Generally speaking the higher your credit score, the better. Alternative-Finance Credit Score ranges from 300 to 850 with bands stated below:
751 - 800 VERY GOOD
651 - 750 GOOD
501 - 650 FAIR
300 - 500 POOR
Your credit score is calculated taking into consideration your credit information, history and other parameters.
According to Alternative-Finance Model, there are several ways to improve your low Alt Score, which includes:
  1. Check your credit report and take necessary steps to correct errors on your report.
  2. Pay your facility installments timely to avoid a derogatory credit report
  3. Build a healthy credit history. You could take a facility. Visit to take a facility